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Fetish video gallery starring featured Park Wiley fetish Dec. 27

"Master Tober Brandt gives slave park wiley a slave endurance test. The dungeon bell looms nearby; when things get tough, the slave may ring the bell to get out of hell. It means he no longer wishes to be part of this vast dungeon."

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Davis is a gorgeous hunk who has a huge cock and willingness to use it to fuck hot bottom boys. This small crack in the wall and invitingly started throbbing. How to do it, too. It is clear this is an intense scene and shows off all of Davis's talents.

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6 videos with Van Darkholme fetish Dec. 7

After smacking finn around, Van inserts a metal hook into the slave's ass. Director's note: On the day of the shoot, our dom model called and said, "Oh by the way, I have a cast on my arm." I don't know why he didn't tell us earlier and was suddenly too busy trying to put together a Plan B to ask.

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